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Home Inspection!


I just wanted to bring up something that a lot of homebuyers tend to overlook: the home inspection. In my professional opinion, not doing one is the same as throwing away money.

Knowing about what kind of shape a home is in before you buy it is an incredibly powerful negotiating tool. Things like a cracked foundation, a collapsing roof and even outdated electrical wiring are all examples of issues that could be present and completely hidden to an untrained eye. That's why hiring a home inspector is so important.

Basically, here's the way I like to look at it: if you've found the house you want to live in for the next 10 years, getting a home inspection will either help you steer clear of years of expenses/headaches, or provide you with peace of mind when it comes to one of the biggest investments of your life. For a homebuyer, it's a win-win.

If you have questions about inspections, or just real estate in general, please feel free to reach out. A home is a huge investment, and I know how nice it can be to have someone to help or answer questions!

Best regards,

Jayce Thomas, Las Vegas Realtor®
BHHS Nevada Properties

Benefits of buying a home


Here are just some of the financial/tax advantages of home ownership:

  • Owning versus renting is an investment in your family’s future
  • Seeing the break-even point on an adjustable rate mortgage
  • Deduction of qualified interest & property taxes from the income on a first or second home
  • Avoiding the payment of capital gains tax if selling your home (must have lived 2 out of the last 5 years in your home to qualify)
  • Investing in real estate is still one of the best proven growth investments.

Best regards,

Jayce Thomas, Las Vegas Realtor®
BHHS Nevada Properties

Should you remodel?


I know it's conventional wisdom to think that all remodels and renovations add value to properties. This actually isn't the case.

Did you know, a minor kitchen remodel costs just over $20,000 (average) and only adds around $16,000 to the total value of the home?

If you plan on staying in your home for a long time, making your space more livable is a great choice, especially if you can see a nice return on the money you put into it. I just wanted to take a second and share this report with you, and if you have any questions regarding your local real estate market, don't hesitate to ask!

Best regards,

Jayce Thomas, Las Vegas Realtor®
BHHS Nevada Properties

Pricing your home


Putting your home on the market is exciting!

The thrill of finding a new place, combined with seeing your investment materialize, is a powerful feeling.

But before we get you a new place, we need to know how to price your current home. There are certain factors that go into figuring out the value of your home.

Comparable Listings

Did a house recently sell down the road? Or is there another listing a couple of blocks away that looks similar to yours? If so, you can use the information from those properties to gauge where your home will be priced.

The type of market

There's a strong chance you may receive an initial offer under your asking price. In a buyer's market, it's common for homes to sell at list price or below. In a seller's market, there may be bids at or above the list price. You can prepare for this by knowing your local real estate market and giving yourself a little cushion on your pricing.

Ask an agent (like me)

The truth is, agents know all about listing a property and all the questions that arise from it. I'd love to provide you a listing range for your property. If this interests you, send me an email {{Agent.EmailAddress}}, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible with more information.

Best regards,

Jayce Thomas, Las Vegas Realtor®
BHHS Nevada Properties

Is it a good time to sell in 2020?


When is a good time to sell your home?

The answer really varies from person-to-person. Here's a couple questions to ask yourself if you're thinking of selling your home.

Have you outgrown your current home?

The need for additional bedrooms or more common space can be very apparent when new family members or pets come into a home. The opposite can apply when kids grow up and leave the nest - you might have a home that's too big for the remaining family members.

Has your home increased in value?

Is your home projected to sell for more than you bought it for? The last thing you want to do is sell your home for less. If you're thinking of selling, will you see a return on your property?

Do you want to upgrade your home?

Many of us dream of the perfect home or the perfect city/neighborhood that may be a bit out of reach. If you have the means to pursue your real estate dreams, your current home may no longer be needed.

There are a number of reasons why a homeowner needs to or wants to sell - from needing more room or wanting a newer home, to relocating for a job or wanting to be closer to family - the reason is unique to you.

If you have questions about the selling process or when is a good time to sell, send me a message and I'd be happy to discuss it with you.

Best regards,

Jayce Thomas,  Las Vegas Realtor®
BHHS Nevada Properties

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